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We here at Interactive AV Solutions are very excited to launch a new part to our business “Alarm Monitoring” to which we will bring you the newest technology and safest services. Alarm monitoring is a 24/7 service that continues uninterrupted even when you’re unavailable, out of the country or asleep to keep your premises safe.


We strongly recommend having professional alarm monitoring for your residential and commercial premises. There are two main purposes for Alarm Monitoring: Intruders and Duress/Panic Alarms.

Intruders: Alarm systems are set up to trigger and notify you when an intruder is detected. If you have a professional alarm monitoring membership, this notification will go to your security company who will then deal with this as you have requested. This could be dispatching someone immediately to investigate the situation, referring emergency services, or simply calling you; it's your choice.

Duress/Panic Buttons: These alarms systems are activated specifically by a person either when someone dangerous has entered the premises or in the case of an emergency; think 24/7 gyms, maybe someone is having a heart attack or severely hurt while onsite alone.  

Without professional alarm monitoring, notifications are usually sent to your smartphone when a disturbance or panic button is detected and depending on what you’re doing at the time, it could be a while before you’re even aware that the alarm has been triggered. If you’re on holiday or out of service you might not even receive this notification.

Once you have received a notification that something is happening, what do you do next? If your alarm is not monitored you’ll be responsible for either going and investigating yourself; which could be dangerous, or calling the appropriate services and explaining the situation. This can waste valuable time, which means that by the time someone goes to investigate, it might well be too late.

Our alarm monitoring service lets you enjoy peace of mind that if an alarm is triggered, help will be on its way immediately. We can even work with you to give our security team access to unlock automatic doors in the event of an emergency and/or allow them access to view your onsite cameras to effectively equip the help that's dispatched. It means that a trained professional will be at your home or premises quickly and will be able to respond appropriately to whatever the situation is and engage any other emergency services if necessary.

Traditionally Alarm Monitoring connections have been set up via a phone line to which the alarm company test calls (at a standard call fee to you) up to 8 times a day. The purpose of this was to check to see if the phone line was still live and accessible in the case of the alarm being activated. If the line was “dead” during one of these routine tests the security company would contact you.

Our alarm monitored system is a dual sim operated mobile system, essentially turning your alarm into a mobile phone. Our solution means no more line rental fees, no more phone call charges and a more secure constant connection. The dual sim feature (normally Telstra and Optus) enables the system to use the strongest most efficient signal to send the alarm trigger through. In the event one of the networks are down the other kicks in. It is extremely rare that both mobile network operators would be down at the same time and there is no physical line to cut.

CCTV and monitoring may also help you to reduce your insurance premiums. Your insurer will see your home as being less risk of a break-in, and you less at risk of making a claim. Check with your insurance provider to see if this might be available to you.

Don’t take risks with your home or business security, talk to us about your options and our competitive rates today. 

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